I was immediately drawn to the reflections of a multi-tiered cosmos in [Sonya Kanelstrand’s] work. She depicts earth, heaven, and the passages or transitional spaces between them. She appears to live in these transitional spaces, gently guiding the viewer here and there and showing possibilities of living in these spaces ourselves. Her dreamy images conjure theta states, the in-between place between wakefulness and sleep.

Sonya Shows us a Path between Earth and Heaven.

Many of Sonya’s artworks reveal a connection between this world and the world of spirits and imagination. She illuminates the path. She dedicates herself to living on this path. The artist as shaman.

Beth McCormack

I am brought to tears. This [custom house portrait] is better than I could have ever dreamed it to be. This is so special you have no idea how thankful I am and how I know they will feel the same way I do. You've captured so much and I am so thankful to you!

Courtney Kaffenberger

Looking at your pictures seems to heal one's soul!!!

Nazaline McInnis

When I first found Sonya, I never even imagined the amazing connection that would be developed. Not only will I cherish her amazing artwork that she created of my nephew, but also the kind heart and dedication she put into making it. A month has passed since she finished my custom portrait, and three days have passed since my nephew left this world and she is still a huge support to me and my family. Her kind words and generous actions truly warm my heart. Thanks Sonya, I know Ethan, my moon child, lives on through your creation! 

Jessica Davies-Lopez

I absolutely love everything about this image, it just makes me happy looking at it! Thanks so much!

Gina St. Phillips 

Make sure to check out Sonya Kanelstrand’s incredible work – it is a visible inspiration that will have all of us thinking and acting more creatively in our own lives!

Cat Ivins

Amazingly beautiful print!! I'm so pleased with everything about this purchase. Fast shipping and friendly communication were an extra bonus. Thank you so much!

Lize Kennedy