My name is Sonya Kanelstrand. I am a photographer, writer, and book reviewer.

Most of the time I see the world through the viewfinder of my camera and my motivation for going anywhere is closely proportionate to the possibility of taking amazing photographs.

I live in Norway but I travel full-time across Europe. The beauty around has taught me to never go out without my camera because I don’t want to miss documenting it. I then spend days turning my photographs into unique pieces of art.

As an artist I am fascinated by the power of visual transformation and the opportunity to peruse this power to surprise and inspire the viewer.

My award winning photographs have been exhibited around Europe and are in private collections worldwide.

In 2013, my photo Burning Clouds was selected in the TOP TEN Altered Images in the world by Smithsonian Magazine.

In 2013, my photo Burning Clouds was selected in the TOP TEN Altered Images in the world by Smithsonian Magazine.

I share my experiments in slow and simple living on my blog Kanelstrand, where I also talk about simplifying life to increase its quality, as well as turning to the arts, and spending time reconnecting with ourselves. If you are interested by the same topics, drop by and share your insights.

I am environmentally conscious in my work as well as in my life. I do the image post-processing on the greenest model of Lenovo, the L520 - made out of recycled office-sized water jugs and used IT equipment, that is also saving up to 40% per year on operating costs and power.

When I personally print images for sale I do it on my Energy Star qualified, environmentally friendly Epson Artisan 730 photo printer, using original eco-friendly Epson dye inks.

I am a Linux user and for all post-processing I rely on the GIMP – a freely distributed piece of software.

If you are interested in buying my artwork you can choose any medium and size available and get it printed in high quality and delivered by Fine Art America. or if you prefer a more personal touch, you can order via Etsy and you will receive your artwork directly from me.

You can also read feedback by happy Kanelstrand customers here.

Feel free to contact me with any questions here.

I am looking forward to share with you more on twitter, google plus and pinterest.